Tuesday, May 10


I'm not sure when it will ever stop raining. I await the return of the sun to give me light so I can get outside and see again.

Thursday, May 5

foggy recollections

A rainy and foggy day reminded me of when I started this blog last year. My purpose last year was to take a photo per day which I found to be rather challenging! My new obstacle is to create a space on the web to link all of my work. I missed my blog, a place to post my thoughts and "just for fun" photos so I decided to start it again. Now I'll have my blog, facebook and website! Anyway, I couldn't say good-bye to all of those photos on here, they are a part of me now. I will attempt to post daily... I hope you will stop by.
I photographed this umbrella at the beginning of my blog last year om a rainy day, so here it is again.