Monday, September 7

Thursday, September 3

Back To School Guide, The Coast

Day 73
the stories i could tell about how we completed this project! many days of shooting, wardrobe changes from the trunk of the car, organizing and driving all over town...
it was a fun to work so closely with three people; Meghan, Gabriel and Kerri, sharing a concept of what we wanted it to look like when it was all said and done.
i am so happy with the results!

Wednesday, September 2


Day 72
My wonderful and amazing friend and fellow photographer Megs has re-taught me many things about photography over the last week...i forgot all about how great the double exposure technique is!

Monday, August 31

corner of robie and cunard

Day 71
i love night shots.

i know this is cheating but i have to catch up

Day 70

Treasure on Allan Street

Day 69
My friend Gerald came for a photo walk with me and we found many interesting things at the curb of peoples homes. Couches, shelves, dryers and under this armchair we found a treasure.

Amelia Curran

some outtakes of Amelia Curran...

Future Tense

Day 67
fun in the studio...i was working on a photo that was to capture what "future tense" looks like to me and this is what my fellow photographer friend Megs and i came up with in the studio. we listened to spacey sounding music and just went with the flow. good thing she brought along tin foil...we found a sheet and some wire in the studio and voila!
here are more from the shoot~

Thursday, August 27

Amelia Curran

Day 67
i had the pleasure of shooting Amelia Curran for the release of her new album Hunter, Hunter. we went up to Atlantic Playland and had the whole park to ourselves for a short while because it was closed due to rain. i love the old merry-go-round and Amelia's new album has a lot to do with horses so it was perfect! i'll add some of the outtakes later. my personal favourites are the ones where she is actually riding the horse.

Monday, August 24

Saturday, August 22

a wedding

there is something about this photo that makes it my favourite of the day.

the bride gave me her coined "mean girl" pose. this equals awesome.

the guys on the train are photographing her as the drive by. such a wonderful candid moment!

they practiced this dip for weeks. it was their "kiss" move during the ceremony, so i had to get them to do it again!

such a genuine can feel their affection for each other.

she had an adorable vintage style dress, a cute pose was only natural...

now they're comfortable with me and the camera! love it.

the ferry was an important part of their courtship (is that a word anymore?) because one lived in halifax and the other in dartmouth. it was important to them to be on the ferry after their wedding and have those memories re-captured.

Friday, August 21


Day 62
i went for a walk this evening to find a photo of the day. i know these are rather morbid but they have a lot of factors involved to test light. all i took was a flash, that i could trigger wirelessly, and 2 lenses. no other lights. i had to find secure places for the camera to sit while it was on self-timer and figure out the frame and flash.i wanted to pick up late night ambient light as well so i was trying to figure out that as well. oh the science and math of photography...
the mood is mysterious, the angle i had to have was weird, so i figured the pose should also be strange.

Thursday, August 20

untitled afternoon

Day 62
very cool shadows from my plant stand on my fridge...i love the "grow a boyfriend" hanging by magnets on the fridge. i wish i had moved the tea kettle into the other spot of light on the stove. one of those moments where you see more that was there after the photo was taken and the moment/light was gone.

Monday, August 17


Day Weekend (60 and 61)

i had such a fantastic summer weekend finally! BBQ's, friends, laughter, sunshine and the ocean. it was, seriously, quite perfect.

Saturday, August 15

blog makes the Coast!

check it photo of the day project made it into the Coast!

Friday, August 14

she is better looking than on her picture

Day 59
i found this old photograph in the valley at an antique store, i love it for the handwritten message on the back.

Thursday, August 13

urban boyz

Day 58
this was a random shot taken after the shoot with cailin. i have to say this is my favourite photo to date. the guys were into taking direction and the globe is so abstract but it works for me! on top of that, i love the light i was able to capture and create.


Day 57
Cailin O'Neil is creating her own travel TV show so we took some headshoots on a rooftop downtown halifax. she heads to spain in a couple of weeks to shoot her pilot episode and will be at the big tomato fight! her website is
i think what she is doing is really amazing...

i heart fresh cherries

Day 56
there is nothing like buying fresh cherries, picked that morning, from a fruit stand along the side of a country road. we ate them as we drove and spit the pits out the window. is that wrong? fun and delicious. the french shore is a wonderful drive. we later stopped for an ice cream by the ocean. summertime delights.

take two four times daily

Day 55
when i'm visiting my dad in the valley we like to go for long drives and explore different parts of nova scotia. we have a favourite antique store past digby called grandma's that we always enjoy stopping at. on this day she had no special finds but i did sneak a bunch of photos in. i think the old guy that owns the store thought i was going to steal something because he followed me around the whole time i was there.

wedding by the lake

Day 54
this couple was absolutely lovely! we had a blast taking photos on the dock by the lake out in tantallion. nothing better than a lovely couple to photograph...

my father as a teenager

Day 53
i went on a scanning spree! i love this photo of my wonderful dad as a teenager. how groovy is he? so great, it makes me smile every time i look at it.

bubble gum florida

Day 52
my sister, megan, chillin' on the sandy beach in Florida. awesome.

Day 51
i found some old holga negatives and scanned them. i love the light leaks that appear around the edges...
this is in Florida, my family goes every year.

Friday, August 7

ally's killer mussels

Day 50
all that needs to be said is "DELICIOUS!"

bbq veggies

Day 49
i love love love BBQ'ing vegetables. i could eat BBQ everyday...wait a minute, i do!


Day 48
i like shooting at this time of day...magic hour ish