Thursday, July 30

arrival time

Day 44
i stayed for a night at the beautiful Queen Anne B&B in Annapolis Royal because i was up teaching a day course in photography. the place was so beautiful and the bed so comfortable that i was afraid to fall asleep! the most deluxe featherbed in the world. in the morning they made me freah waffles with raspberries and whipped cream. i wanted to stay there forever but alas, i had to go to work. truly a lovely time.

Wednesday, July 29

i have abandonment issues

Day 43
my dad and i went for a drive for the day in the valley from Bridgetown to the French Shore. he told me of this old abandoned house along the way that he thought would make a great photograph. we hiked in through all of the overgrown grass, weeds and bugs to get some photos. i think he was right. this old house looks like the earth is going to take her.

Tuesday, July 28

my dad and i dancing in the sunset

Day 42
i'm in the valley at my dad's house and he has a beautiful backyard. did i say country? anyway as the sun was setting i noticed that it was perfect for silhouettes so he and i had a fun time posing, until the bugs came out!

Monday, July 27

wet 2

Day 41


Day 40

Pride Weekend

Day 36 through to 39
we had a wonderful pride weekend! so much fun. the photos wouldn't upload for me on here so check out my facebook for more!

Wednesday, July 22

Christina Martin

Day 36
i had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Christina Martin for the Coast. it was a quick headshot session but there were many that i liked! i hope to take photos with her again someday with more time to shoot. it was really a lot of fun. i love that my job gives me the opportunity to meet such interesting and creative people!

laura as madonna

Day 35
i thought when i took this photo that Laura looked like Madonna from the 80's. So my wonderfully talented friend Benny Fong took it into photoshop and made it happen! i think if i had tilted her head higher it would have worked even better but i wasn't taking the photo to emulate this image. i saw it in the shot after.

Tuesday, July 21

tourists and their tall ships

Day 34
i had an assignment to shoot down at the waterfront today and it was amazing how many tourists were all over the place with their cameras and video recorders in the noonday sun . i could barely get in anywhere to take a shot so i decided to use them in my frame. if you can't beat em, shoot em!

Thursday, July 16

coast cover

i think i'll put some outtakes up! anyone want to see some that didn't make the cut?

Wednesday, July 15


Day 28

i saw my friends vintage shoes and i had previously given her a glass of wine in a 1950's juice glass, it felt like a photo of the day.
it didn't seem quite right as shot, and i wanted to add more to the feeling of the image, so i gave it an antique quality.
paris and red wine.


a long exposure


i loved the shadows that the rails were casting on the stairs as i was walking by this house. that's about it really!

artifical light

Day 26 until Day 28
tomorrow i'm back on track with the photo of the day, i promise! here's three as part of a series...

this evening i went for a walk to see what i could find with only artificial light available as my light source...
lots of nice green and red glowing lights (sarcasm). ha.
it was an interesting challenge though. i probably would have been able to do more if i lugged around my tripod but i just took the camera. it was a lot of fun.

this whole flower bush was lit by outdoor florescent lights.

Tuesday, July 14


Day 24

i like these new lanterns my dad gave us for our backyard. i did the same shot at different times of day, not too far in between each other. i couldn't decide which one i liked best so i put both of them up. each has an unique feel to them!
which do you like?


Day 24

BBQ party leftovers are the best.
fridge full of wonderfully surprising things to grill.
this photo is all about how delicious food is to me!


Day 23

we had a lovely gathering on the weekend to celebrate the home!
many of our wonderful friends came over to see what we had done, eat some good BBQ and sit around the fire to talk and catch up.
we also heard a few of Paul McCarty's songs in the backyard. beautiful summer day.

capturing the light

Day 22
this was a busy day! i knew in the back of my mind i needed to get my shot of the day and i wasn't sure if i would have time, or if i knew what i wanted it to be.
we had friends visiting and i was getting a cup from the cupboard to get them a drink and i saw this light.
i liked the shadow and the rim light on the edge of the bowls.
i was, basically, just trying to capture the light.

Thursday, July 9

old photographs

Day 21
i collect old photographs from antique stores, flea markets and garage sales. i do it because i feel like i am saving someones memories. i see the images lost and abandoned in a pile and they seem lonely. there are life stories in them that are a mystery to me and i imagine who they were. (i also like how they document the history of photography but that is an entirely different blog to write).
the two men laying on the grass in suits...were they brothers or friends? you can sense the time they lived in by their hats and clothing. i love the way they are casually leaning back, out in the woods somewhere, dressed up.
then there is the couple in the foreground what or whom?
sometimes there are handwritten messages on the backs of them. those ones are real treasures. dates, places and names, sometimes a story.
i suppose i feel like i am saving them from being lost and forgotten. the reason i take photos most of the time is to capture memories, moments in time that may be forgotten. i record experiences in life to leave this, perhaps to be found like someone else like me.


Day 20
i shot a lovely small wedding (only 17 people) and the bride was a delight to photograph.
i love the genuine happiness and laughter on her face. she is having the best day ever.
i like capturing moments like this...her joy makes me happy!

abandoned church

Day 19
i stumbled upon this locked up and abandoned church outside of halifax. it looks to me to be taken care of by someone, wouldn't you say? it sits on a cliff right by the ocean and is really quite beautiful. i felt ghosts. religious ones.

club sodas

Day 18

my dad came down to help us renovate the new house. we painted, cleaned, hasn't really stopped for days, hence the sporadic postings.
lime and cucumber is my new favourite thing to add to soda (ummm and gin and tonic).
so naturally we had to take a break from all of the work we were doing! just soda though...

Monday, July 6

found art

Day 17
i like finding art on the street and all of it isn't terrible graffiti. some of it is rather beautiful...

my new friend Charlie

Day 16

need i say anything? is he not the cutest new buddy you have ever seen?
i'm lucky to have 2 new friends in my life everyday...
Charlie and Ally.

Friday, July 3

glass king

Day 15
i found my chess set while unpacking and have never used it! it has found a nice spot in our new home...this game is currently on hold. i'm losing already.
i had a fun time lighting it in different ways with my external flash.

ugly wallpaper

Day 14
ugly wallpaper

our move has been intense. a lot to lift and the house we moved into is dirty. no one cleaned it before they left...or for years i'd say. i haven't had the chance to get outside and search for photos so everything will probably be within what i can do while unpacking.
i haven't been online because we don't have internet until next week and i have been trying to get settled in! i think i am a day behind in photos. please bare with me!
so, this ugly wallpaper is being torn off the entry way walls. i had to share it's hideousness with you all. the landlady gave us the go ahead to make any renos we would like and the wallpaper is going to be the first to go.