Thursday, July 9

old photographs

Day 21
i collect old photographs from antique stores, flea markets and garage sales. i do it because i feel like i am saving someones memories. i see the images lost and abandoned in a pile and they seem lonely. there are life stories in them that are a mystery to me and i imagine who they were. (i also like how they document the history of photography but that is an entirely different blog to write).
the two men laying on the grass in suits...were they brothers or friends? you can sense the time they lived in by their hats and clothing. i love the way they are casually leaning back, out in the woods somewhere, dressed up.
then there is the couple in the foreground what or whom?
sometimes there are handwritten messages on the backs of them. those ones are real treasures. dates, places and names, sometimes a story.
i suppose i feel like i am saving them from being lost and forgotten. the reason i take photos most of the time is to capture memories, moments in time that may be forgotten. i record experiences in life to leave this, perhaps to be found like someone else like me.


  1. love the old camera and pics, very nostalgic.

  2. this is a beautiful post Jules :)