Tuesday, June 30


Day 13
well tomorrow is moving day so there isn't much left around the house...
so down into the basement i went.

Monday, June 29

The Groom

Day 12
Oh there's nothing like a shooting a wedding...
i traveled to Amherst NB for this one on Saturday.
while waiting for the bride to return from getting her make-up and hair done, i had to find something to do with the groom and his men.
i noticed that they lived on a dead end street and took them all down there.
i couldn't resist doing a portrait of him in front of the No Exit sign! too funny.


Day 11
i was away working in new brunswick for a few days so there wasn't much time to take photos for the blog...
here's lyle's in moncton. the little man.

my dad at the diner

Day 10
my dad came down to help us pack up the house a bit and we went out for hamburgers after. the westcliffe diner is down the street from the place i live in now (until tomorrow that is)! this place is run by an interesting couple who yell back and forth at each other as they make your food. you have to write your own order down on a post-it note and then they yell at you to come get your food when it's ready. there's no place like it. like stepping back in time...


Day 9
it's hard to find things to photograph when your house is a mess. so i thought i would try capturing running water. that's about it really!

Wednesday, June 24

1956 Buick

Day 8
1956 Buick

I saw this car near my house as I was walking to a friends. This project has made me take my camera almost everywhere. Good thing. I love old vintage cars! The light was soft which made the chrome look beautiful and lucky for me I had my camera on my back.

Tuesday, June 23

the phone is for you

the idea of another rain photo today didn't inspire me...
too much rain lately!
i have always like the idea of payphones and that we still have them is rather amazing. when do we ever see a person on a payphone anymore? and if we do we know their is something wrong with their cellphone, or they don't have one...they seem to be in trouble.
so i wanted to make it seem dramatic and mysterious.

Monday, June 22

alone in the park

Day 6
i didn't get a lot of time to take a photo today because i was taking other photos! but after the shoot i saw this solitary figure in the distance, wandering alone in the park and i liked the feeling that it created.
old lamp posts, wet pavement and the light fading from the day...to further add to the feel of the image i gave it an old postcard quality.

Sunday, June 21

a rainy weekend in june

Day 4 and 5
i combined my rainy weekend into one triptych. (perhaps this is cheating a bit but there is an extra photo). i enjoy grouping images together to tell a story...this one is a warm, yet rainy, weekend in june. wet clover, an umbrella with it's reflection in a rain puddle and cheerful rubber boots.

Friday, June 19

Memories of Paris

Day 3
Some old photos of my trip to Europe in 1995. The mind remembers things well but a photograph can bring you back to that exact moment. The far left photo is from Versailles and I remember the overwhelming feeling I had there of opulence and splendor. And,of course, there is something about the view from a Parisian hotel room that never leaves you. Ah yes "we'll always have Paris"!

Thursday, June 18

Jenny's Teacups

Day 2
I'm in the process of moving and I forgot how much stuff one can acquire over the years. I've lived in the same yellow house with my sister for over 4 years and we have a big cavernous basement, so you can only imagine the boxes that stack up in the land of the forgotten. Among these boxes I found items that belonged to my stepmom who passed away from cancer when we first moved into this house. Unable to give her things away just yet, we placed them in the basement to deal with later.

Four years later I found her china plate set. I've unpacked them, washed them and packed them up again in a box labeled "kitchen".
It's heartwarming to have such a beautiful memory of her back.

At my new house I will sit on my back deck in the sunshine and drink tea with thoughts of her.

7:21 am

Day 1
This early morning spider in his web inspired me to take a photo each day. The beautiful light had to be captured and shared. The world can be such a beautiful place and such moments must not go unnoticed.