Tuesday, June 23

the phone is for you

the idea of another rain photo today didn't inspire me...
too much rain lately!
i have always like the idea of payphones and that we still have them is rather amazing. when do we ever see a person on a payphone anymore? and if we do we know their is something wrong with their cellphone, or they don't have one...they seem to be in trouble.
so i wanted to make it seem dramatic and mysterious.


  1. love love this, great ambience and the lettering is a nice tough, adds mystery. Congrats on completing week 1! Only 51 to go....

  2. hey thanks brad! so nice to get a comment over here on the blog! i was really happy how this turned out because i just used my external flash...i balanced it precariously on the side ledge of the phone booth. it was day out so i was happy with being able to make the light look dramatic and mysterious.